What should I do?

This guy I just started dating commented on how I looked heavier in this picture from a few years ago and said "why did you upload that pic?". He also indirectly told me he would like me to lose weight. I do not like this at all. I feel like is so rude to do that. In my mind, this is like me saying you are short and I dont like that. (He is my height.) What do you think? Should I stop seeing him?


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  • Why? you felt rude because he asked you lose weight? I mean he was just pointing out his observation and maybe he said it because you will look good if you lose weight.

    However if you don't like that then you can be straightforward and tell him that.

    • "he was just pointing out his observation"? if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all

    • What is "nice" according to your definition?

      Please don't tell me how I should reply, don't tell me what I should say to you and what I shouldn't. Indirectly that's what you are indicating to me.

      Whatever I think is right I will say that only. If you don't want to take that it's your choice. You can ignore my opinion that is completely fine with me.

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  • Its a observation, but the way he approached the matter and directly asked you to loose weight is a slap in the face... AXE his arse


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  • Return him the favor by not talking to him again


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  • Call him out for being rude. He might just be oblivious. If he continues to make similar comments after he knows it bothered you, then it's time to move on.