If a woman contacts you after you ghosted her?

what would be your thoughts when a woman who you ghosted contacted you after some time?


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  • It would indicate to me that she had very low self esteem and was so needy and desperate, she wouldn't mind going back to a very cruel person. And he'll probably think he has an opening to get laid and she'll let herself be ghosted again. And he's probably right.

    If this is you, don't do it! Nothing good will come of it.


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  • They would either ignore her or they would attempt to play her again.


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  • Difficult to say. And probably for every guy different. If I ghost woman then there is a really good reason. Most likely being a female version an asshole. It is safe to say that if she contacted me she would still be Casper to me.

    Another thing is if I needed some distant from her (or some reason). But most likely I would have told her from the beginning that I am cool but just need some distance. If she contacted before I am ready I would be polite but tell her I still need some distance.

    If we somehow lost contact and she contacted me after a long time I would be genuinely completely nice to her. I see no reasons to not be.

    • Do you think that distance seems to find a way to work things out for the most part?

    • Only some cases. When people need to cool off for example and the dialogue between them is not good.

  • "Heeeey what's up? How's it going? Been awhile, what have been doing?"

    Then I'll ghost her again.

    • Why would you ghost her again after she reached out?

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    • Telling her how you feel is not ghosting tho.

    • True, but after the text I won't be bothered with her.

  • If feel kinda bad, but at the same time it is what it is. If she's the kinda person who WOULD come back, the real truth may break her.

  • nothing talk like i would normally do


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