Just found out the guy who is flirting with me has a girlfriend, how should I deal with his advances?

So, I'm new to the whole dating scene, and just recently, this guys has been flirting with me, texting me well into the night, and asking me out. I really liked him, but was reluctant to go out with him because I'm a noob. Anyways, a week later, I learn from my friend that this guy is actually in a serious 3 year relationship, and he is about to get a house with his girlfriend. Who the heck does that? Anyways, I don't know how to deal with this aftermath. He doesn't know that I know, and I don't know how to get him off my tail without telling him straight on (because I had told him I was interested before finding out...). What should I dooo :(


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  • Ask him if his girlfriend doesn't care about him asking you out and watch for his response.


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  • Wave goodbye to that scumbag.. you are a lot better off

    • I would in a heartbeat, but we have a lot the same friends, so I'm going to have to see him anyways. I just need a way to get him off my tail subtly without it affecting the group dynamics.

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  • Tell him " listen" wait about 5 seconds an right when he's about to reply, you shove a shovel of cookie dough ice cream down his throat, then when he's done choking you tell him "sorry, i have a boyfriend", ezpz if you ask me

  • maybe they have an open relationship


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