Help!!! Do you think it would be an issue seeing a man that's 44 when your 27?

Can I get your opinion please guys?


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  • No. I recently had a 19 year gap with a woman I was seeing. There were issues though. Wherever we went people thought she was my daughter. I didn't like that, but some guys do.

    The age gap presented some big issues in conversation too. We related to nothing. We were working off pure chemistry, which only takes you so far. I guess if the chemistry was stronger, it would have been easier to get over. Personally, I would not do it again.. but you never know, could meet a better match with the same gap and have it work..

    • Well so far I don't see any issues like conversation wise gradit we haven't hung out that much yet but I already met one of his daughters.

      I just I don't know it's kinda a big age gap.
      I don't know what are the possible issues we can have?

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    • I said he's 44 not 47 if that makes any difference?

    • And plus I always wanted all the things he has like I felt really comfortable talking to him and his daughter the other day.

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  • It's only an issue when they are having a receding hairline, obvious wrinkles & a shitty body 😂
    If u look like this dude at 44 you got nothing to worry about👌🏻

    • Haha in the 2 GI JOE movies, I was like: daaaamn, dude. xD I think Lee Byung-hun ended up showing more skin than Channing Tatum, The Rock, or anybody else in those movies, lol! Not bad for a middle-aged guy. :P

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    • No from what I can see he has a good body

    • I've heard about this movie! I've never gotten around to watching it yet, though. But it always looked interesting haha; it's not every day when we get to see a World War II-era Western. xD


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  • A lot of people will tell you that it is wrong or bad or something like that. The thing is only a problem when your interests are very different, and then when he ages to the point that he no longer is the same person. If you become a couple, then when you are 50 and still wanting lots of sex, he will be 67 and definitely slowed down. Possible the ED mentioned on here. And not too long after that you will find yourself caring for somebody who cannot take care of themself. As long as you look at all that, then whatever you decide works for you is your business, not everyone else's.

    • Well I'm fine with all that because first of all you can't predict anything I'm life. And the taking care of him thing would be like if your partner got sick you would have to take care of them anyways.
      I'm asking more towards the lines of any other problems with our age gap, he also has 3 kids.

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    • Well, see how it goes.

    • Yeah

  • Many women are attracted to older guys. Not for any weird reasons but, because the guy is secure with himself, capable and independent and that is attractive. Just like how younger guys that have all that are attractive too.

    I'm 44 and I go out with who I am attracted to and who is attracted to me. Most people think I'm about 35. The age difference is an issue when there is too much of a maturity gap. Also, many women see men their own age age as immature.

    I've heard the general rule youngest female should be is 1/2 guys age plus 6 but, whatever, if you meet someone you really like you should go after them.

    • What about 1/2 a guys age plus 6 again?
      I'm asking though will there be any problems with that age gap again, he has 3 kids too?

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    • My ex had a daughter the father was not in picture at all. It was ok with me because I was head over heals in love with my ex. If the mother of his kids is still in picture and they share custody, then is another factor. Do you want your own kids? You ok with raising someone elses?

      It's all what works for you and really being true to that. Age is a number.

    • Well yes I do want my own kids and if he doesn't want anymore that might be a deal breaker for me, I just have yet to ask him about that

  • Depends on both of your maturity levels.
    Have you considered how old he'll be by the time you're 40 or if he's done having kids etc.

    • We'll that is the next big thing I got to ask him is if he wants anymore kids. That will probably be a deal breaker. I just don't know if it's too soon to ask him that. I was even kinda nervous about asking him if he's officially divorce and how old he is.
      I mean I known him for awhile but we only went on one date so far so do you think it's too soon to ask him about kids?

    • I don't think it's too soon to ask, just make a casual conversation.
      It's better to know now then waste time on him and find out months from now.

    • Right I just don't know how to make it in casual conversation

  • Lucky bastard.

    • What why?
      I'm just asking if it's a concern? Just wondering

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    • Ok, you're in love and will do what your heart is telling you. Just know it isn't a good idea rationally.

    • I am not in love I just know I'm looking for love not only sex so that is not a big deal to me

  • nah 27 is old lol..

    • What?

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    • so then why are you asking this question to begin with? according to you, you are very mature for your age so why even bother asking a question like this here? i dont get it

    • Because I think there's kinda a big age gap and I don't know he has 3 kids. Maybe I'm just being a little litty of everything

  • no. i really hope i find daddy issues chicks like that. think that he will be a grandpa ages before you though.. .

    • And it's nothing we can control though

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  • I think there would be many issues if you want my honest opinion.