When should I mention to the girl i'm dating (generally) that i've only dated 1 person and i'm terrified of something serious?

Allow me to elaborate on the title. I'm not saying i WON'T do serious. In fact i want serious; it's all i've ever wanted, however i have an anxiety issue and dating has always been something that terrifies me; partially cos i didn't get any kind of female attention till 2nd year of uni erog i have no idea how to handle things.

The person i dated, it was only a month and we never were offical ergo she wasn't a girlfriend. Anyway the point i'm trying to make is that when should i let the girl i'm dating know that i really do want things to go further but i'm terrified of something serious happening and i'm also terrified of getting hurt (again)


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  • I would tell her right from the beginning so that sue know how things stand. Of a guy told me on the first date that He feared something serious not because its not what He wants but because of bad experiences id actually appreciate it. Its a sign of a mature and constant person. But thats just me.

    • I wanted to tell the girl i went on a date with on Friday but i wasn't sure if i should

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    • Ill just say that if it was me on a first date id say all that a guy should know so He is prepared if He wished to continue dating me. Not because i want to scarpe him off but simple i prefer to lady all the cards out on the tavole so that if He s disappointed he can't say i didn't earn him and its also a matter of being honest and clear. But like i said thats me.

  • Don't tell her that you're terrified. It's a huge no. Just tell her that you had a negative experience in the past and you're not ready for anything serious right now. Don't explain the negative experience to her. Leave her wondering.

    • You miss understand, i DO want something serious. It's all i've every wanted, i'm just terrified when teh opporunity arises as i'm scared of getting hurt again and that i'll be a bad boyfriend

    • My point still stands. Don't tell her that you're afraid of getting hurt. That would repel the majority of girls. Showing weakness is not a good technique when it comes to attracting girls.

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  • You don't. Never admit fear. The world is a ruthless place, and any weakness you show will be attacked. You MUST attack first and keep any weaknesses a secret. She will use any weakness you show against you.