I guess I pissed her off, should I call her?

This girl I was dating realized that I was seeing someone else as well, and started ignoring me as I asked her out on text last time. We haven't spoken for nearly two weeks. Should I call her to ask her out again?

I rarely ask someone out a second time if they ignored me the first, but I really like this girl over the other. (Already stopped seeing the other one)

Need advice cuz I'm blind now lol

  • Call her and ask her out again
    71% (5)75% (3)73% (8)Vote
  • Do not engage! Abort mission!
    29% (2)25% (1)27% (3)Vote
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What Girls Said 1

  • Keep trying if she sees that you are making an effort to get back with her she might take you back but just don't do it again of course


What Guys Said 1

  • Get to her house... surprise her!