Should I ask a girl out if I am already in the friendzone?

So I met this girl two weeks ago and we got really well together. Hanged out together a lot. I quickly realized I wanted to date her but I thought it would be too early to ask her out. Right now I am 100% sure I ma in the friendzone.
So is it too late to hope for anything more? Should I just suck it up and not ask her out out of fear of rejection?
If yes, what is the best course of action to change the situation?
Ladies, have you ever dated a guy you put in the friendzone?

So I finally worked up the courage and asked her out on a date. I explicitly said that it is date. She was like "Aww... how sweet of you". She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. At that moment I was happy but shortly after I started to believe that it is going to be a pity date. I don't know why but I just have this feeling. I don't know why she would pity me but anything could be the reason. I am a couple years younger than her and I am what is considered to be a "nice guy" type.
After asking her out I was heading back home. She asked me to let her know when I get back home. I forgot to text her when I got back home. She called me after some time to check up on me. I hope it is genuine but I have this feeling at the back of my head that it is a pity date and she is playing me. I hope I am wrong but I won't be surprised if it actually is a pity date.
What do you think, people?


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  • Omg. You are too old to be worrying about the mythical friend zone.

    You're an adult, that means there's no point in games. If you want to date her, ask her out. If you can't get the courage, then accept that nothing will happen, and either be her honest friend or don't. Either way, get yourself some closure and don't string yourself along.

    • Lol the friendzone is real your talking to a permanent resident

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    • No every girl that has said no has just wanted to be friends

    • And I'm not blaming the girl I know I'm too ugly

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  • If you've only known her for two weeks than you aren't friend zoned yet. Honestly you just gotta go for it and make it obvious you want to date them. Otherwise you'll end up like me, which isn't too bad cause if it doesn't weird them out too much the first time you ask them out you tend to become really close friends since the things that would make them a good girlfriend make them a great close friend too.


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  • Man up and see what happens next. You are an adult now.


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  • It is not to early to ask her out, you should of done it as soon as possible, now you've made it an even harder situation for yourself. You have to sack up and tell her you want more than a friend, make sure its clear.

  • In my opinion two weeks is not long enough to put someone in the friend zone. From the message that you've written. You haven't even asked her out yet so how do you even know you're in the friend zone?

  • You're never sure you're in the friendzone till you ask her out. Make sure she knows it's a date.