Does he even care about me anymore?

My boyfriend (I don't even know if we are together anymore) we love each other but this whole thing is to hard for me. We have been seeing each other for almost a year but our relationship is not going good. He is in the military so it is super hard for us to be with each other because he is always leaving for assignment overseas he just got back a month ago and he is leaving in 3 days again. He is upset because we never get a chance to spend time with each other and see each other (He is always busy when I want to hang out and when he is free I work all of the time and go to school). Our schedules do not match at all there is absolutely no room for hanging out and he knows that we promised each other that we would try our hardest to spend time with each other while he is still here but we were not able to at all. He would literally wait until the last minute to ask me to hang out with him and I already had plans and he would get mad at me. So he gave me the choice to pick when we could hang out when I was free (i never have free time) but I chose my birthday to hang out. We both agreed and set for that day. I messaged him like a week before to confirm and he did not respond at all and still has not responded at all to my messages. He is not dating someone else he is just too busy getting ready to leave in a few days to have time to message me (or I hope he is too busy) I have messaged him 3 times on different days and he still has not responded but I know that he see's my messages. I am just at this point done with this whole thing. I am not going to break up with him (if we are still together) I am just simply putting the ball in his court and it's on him now if he wants to be with me or not I am not going to bother him or harass him while he is working or getting ready to leave he has not even messaged me to let me know he is getting ready to leave so I could say goodbye to him like always I am just done Advice?


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  • When I did my time in the core I always knew at least a few days in advance if I had leave coming up. I would let my girlfriend know as soon as I knew and she would clear her schedule of everything except work and school so that every spare moment we could spend together before getting back to the grind. I myself would make my plans for when she was at work/school and keep my schedule clear for her when she wasn't at either. Our social lives were not going to die from taking 3 or 4 days away from our friends and if my friends did not understand the fact that I didn't see her often and her friends didn't accept the fact that wanted her to myself for those 3 or 4 days then those friendships were re-evaluate and usually discarded. If there was an event like a concert or birthday party that had to be attended then the other was brought along, not often we got to show each other off and we loved having the opportunity. Sorry but my girlfriend took priority and she felt the same way about me. But that was us and not everyone is in a position to give that much of themselves to the other.
    But what do I know, that is just my opinion.


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  • Sounds like a lot of work for no reason? Just dump him.