Guys, This guy at church wants me to sing more?

He is the piano player. I have been in the choir for a year. He is always complimenting my singing when I do a solo. He has said that he is happy that I sing more on 4th Sunday night sing. Anyway we are going to do a duet next Sunday night for 4th Sunday. We sing the song through and he said he is going to work on harmony. We are going to practice again on Wednesday night before choir. He said I could sing on Sunday (as in during the morning service). I said there would be more people there. He said yes and he is going to talk to the choir director and tell him I need to sing more. :o He has complimented me twice when I was wearing my favorite color. This older couple had been trying to fix me up with him years ago... saying I would like him and he was staring the whole time and heard every word they said. I just sat there thinking I don't know him very well. They still bring it up every now and then. Is it possible that this is his way of saying he likes me? By trying to get me to sing more even if it's in front of a bigger audience. Or do you think he has just all of a sudden become my biggest fan? He probably knew before when I wasn't in choir that I can sing... but other people were trying to get me in the choir. He only started talking to me when I joined the choir. I realize now that he likes to hear me sing. What do you think?


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  • He certainly likes you if he's making this much effort to praise your singing voice, at least that's how I see it 😊❤️

  • He wants to fuck..
    Jk ! Your voice is beautiful and he may have a crush on u as well <3