Does he just want to keep seeing me because I'm going to start modeling?

So I was dating this guy for about a month and everything was good, we had chemistry and liked each other but I ended up telling him I have feelings and I guess he wasn't ready for something serious (or with me at least) we kept talking and he says he misses me (haven't seen each other for about a month. Now my original plan was to just stay in the country I'm in for a month to visit my sister so I guess when I started seeing him he thought it wasn't going to go anywhere s we'd just have fun BUT I got approached by a model scout here and long story short they want to sign me but I have to lose a bit of weight first and get to a specific size. So i've decided to live here with my sister and see how it goes.

I've told him this and I'm afraid he just wants to see me because i will be a "model". I know it sounds silly but I know how society is and he ma think it's cool to his friends or whatever. He's a realy nice mature guy so i may be overthinking things but I need opinions


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  • lol... yeah sounds pretty silly. The best part about dating a model is her looks and not her job title alone. In fact, most would prefer to date someone that looks a model with her being in that profession.


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  • Well doesn't really sound like he's given any reason for that