What is an appropriate amount of time to go by before you try again with an ex?

say you guys broke up on somewhat good terms, there was no cheating or anything. Now you're at the period of no texting calling or any of that. How much time do you let go by to repair the relationship? Say y'all broke up just because it wasn't the right time.

  • 1-5months
  • 6-10 months
  • 1-2 years
  • Other (list below)
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  • I say other because it depends if you've still stayed in contact hang out etc. If you haven't even said a word since the break up I would just leave it.


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  • Depends on you really. I personally take years away. Because it allows me to improve and forget. When getting back with an ex. You definitely want to improve something. You may get better with women, physical or mental. So when that time comes. The other person will see wow he really improved. Nice thing about a few years and reconnecting. Sometimes you will be like WTF? What was I thinking.


What Girls Said 2

  • My ex and I didn't end on good terms (I broke up with him) and he kept texting me after I specifically told him not to

    • Why did you guys break up? if you don't mind sharing. What was the situation you were in?

    • I broke up because he is mentally ill & he doesn't even know it. He almost made me a mess

  • Ex = ex forever. Move on.


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