Girls, Will she respond if she doesn't like me?

Will a girl send me snapchats and/or respond to my texts if she's not into me?

She and I have been talking for a while and she has said at one point that she was into me... but lately I'm not so sure of her feelings.


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  • Most women won't respond if they don't like you. If you're already acquaintances, she may feel obligated to reply to "keep the peace," but her answers will be short and she won't ask questions in return to keep the conversation going.

    • We've been talking for a while and at one point she said that she was into me and all that but lately, I'm not so sure of her feelings.

    • How long have you been texting for? If it's been more than two or three weeks... ask her out already!!! She might even be waiting for you to ask, I dunno.

    • Like 2-3 months... we went out in a few dates... which went good... but about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was supposed to meet her and her friends out for her birthday... but she never told me where she was going... my friends and I just so happened to be at the same bar and I saw her talking to another guy. I thought she wasn't answering me because she was hitting on this guy. So I called her out about it that night.. it turned out to be just her friend and she said that they were just talking... since that night, I haven't been sure about where we stood together. I may just be blowing things out of purportion and everything might be okay lol I don't know

  • i send guys snapchats all the time, even if i don't like them romantically. i don't see why she would, unless she finds it awkward between you two.

  • Umm depends how she is. If she is nice person, she wpuldnt wanna seem rude so she will respond