How do I know whether it's okay for me to try to kiss this girl I am going to go out on a date with from Tinder?

The plan is to go to lunch, and then to go walk around a park with trails and a lake and whatnot, so how am I supposed to know whether I can kiss her at any point? Does it make it more likely she'd want to based on how we met? I haven't asked her any sexual questions or anything either since I think girls get turned off by that more than they like it or don't mind.


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  • Umm if it's first date then u should just hug her and give her a cheek kiss.
    Girls likes it when they are kissed in lips but later when we get home.. We realise that he was too quick and get wrong ideas

    • I have watched a programme called "Millionaire Matchmaker" and the Pattie or however you say her name always say to kiss a girl on a first date. I'm confused lmfao since I don't have much experience in dating. So how would you approach this on first date?

    • @YellowCactus Everyone is different so don’t take mines serious. I like it too when we kiss on first date but i prefer to save it for later. Because If we don’t kiss on first date, i think he is a gentleman type. I don't know its just me haha. Don’t take it too serious though,

    • @susil What's wrong with being gentleman anyway?

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  • Well, she will look at you and you will look at her... then you move your head in a little keeping your eyes on her, if she doesn't back her head away but keeps looking you in the eye then you go through with it.