Is it a red flag?

Here's the deal, I love my girlfriend, but I'm starting to doubt if we are heading for a dead end or not. My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year or 2, and recently she's become a great artist in her own terms thanks to her friend. However every time she has free time she spends it drawing, and when I want to talk she wants me to watch. It's starting to get in the way of us being an actual couple. So here's my question, Is it a red flag when your girlfriend takes preference over art than you?


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  • I wouldn't consider it a red flag. It's just something she enjoys doing and she enjoys seeing you appreciate it.


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  • Not necessarily it could just mean she found something she loves and by inviting you to watch she is trying to invite you into it. Perhaps if you suggest a night where the two of you just sit and spend time with each other?
    Just keep in mind if she has OCD it might be impossible to drag her away.

  • Well that's not really good if it's happening most of the times, but that need not be a red flag,