Did I screw it up?

So I started talking to this girl I met off tinder 3 or 4 days ago and we have plans to go out Saturday on a date. We have been getting know each other and we are both looking for relationships but are also open to friends. Today we were texting and I said "honestly i gotta I'm really enjoying talking to you and getting to know ya!" Then I sent her a text asking "what's your idea of the "Perfect" date ". She's never replied but I'm sure it's because she got busy. She's a pretty busy person. But I'm just wondering were those stupid or weird things to say?


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  • I don't think she is interested.


What Guys Said 2

  • Sounds like she looking for a hookup and not a relationship. When you said "Perfect date" this screams "nice guy". Nice guys don't make them wet. Bad boys and hot guys do. She's busy alright. Busy spinning plates with other "hawt" guys on Tinder.

    • What makes it sound like that? Besides the fact I met her via tinder?

    • Not seeing the red flags?
      1) Both open to friends
      2) Gave you the cold shoulder when you were nice
      3) Asking for a date isn't what girls on Tinder expect. They want to "Netflix and chill".

  • Don't know why saying that would mess things up. Wait until Saturday