How to handle this?

the girl im dating exclusively just told me today that she's been talking to a guy she hooked up with in the past, in strictly friend-only basis.

this was brought up because yesterday we decided to go off all the dating apps (which is where we met) and i had some bridges that i needed to burn. one girl i was even talking to on the same day, which i let it be known to the girl i'm dating.

she was jealous, and now so am i.

how can i digest this feeling as quick as possible?


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  • I don't know why you're jealous when it sounds like you were doing the exact same thing when u needed to "burn bridges"... Clearly you're both taking the relationship at its own pace.
    It's new. Things will need to be put in the past.
    Just think of it as a starting point. Least you're on the same page with each other.


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  • Both of you are playing mind games. It's very unhealthy and immature as well.


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  • I think this is where trust kicks in. Jealousy is a natural feeling for human beings but whether or not you can trust your partner is the real main issue.

  • Looks like you both are playing games. Stop it! You're only starting the relationship badly. Seems to me that she got jealous and now she's trying to make you jealous.. don't let this continue if you want a nice healthy relationship :) good luck!


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