I think my boyfriend is cheating on me or thinks I'm his friend with online benefits?

Ok so I met this really sweet guy In a mental hospital ok I was there for a suicide attempt just putting that out there because it has to do with the story and may play a role in the responses but anyway we where saying goodbye every thing was alright nothing happend so I finished saying goodbye and finished my paperwork so I could leave my unit so I finished that and I was about to leave my unit so I asked if I could say goodbye one more time to everyone so I ran up to this guy I really liked and gave him a really good hug and he grabbed my ass so after that I left my unit and went home and the next day we started talking and he said that he really liked me and I told him the same because I did and then we started texting and sexting a lot and it was all good but I don't know if we are actually dating I assumed that we where because what he said to me and what we sent to each other so I just thought we where but he never really asked me out but yeah I just assumed because he called me bae, bebe and baby girl etc but I was looking on his Instagram page and he would say stuff I wish I could hang out eat pasta and lay in the bed all day and vibe with a girl so I thought he was talking about me then he posted something like I wish I could have my girl and treat her like a queen ok then the comments said something like thanks bae and then he posted where he had saved another girls messages on sc was kinda weird not really and I'm not the type of girl who is gonna be like why you cheating on me and all that crazy stuff but what do you think is gaping and what should I say to him or should I even say anything to him about it and p. s me my daddy?


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  • What i really think is going on is that he seems distant enough that its almost casual talk on the phone now. Its almost to the point that if you know the person enough online then it becomes a challenge because they think they know everything about you. Like i said it turns into casual conversation even if your sexting and both of you are turned on.


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  • This absolutely makes no sense, so you work in a hospital environment or office environment... you took this WAY to far... this are your patience and this is your clinic you are OUT OF YOUR AREA, your work CAN BE SUED AND MUCH MORE, any sexual relationship or sexual relations inside our outside in s Strictly prohibited considering YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MENTALLY INSTABLE person you are literally taking advantage of him. . I WOULD FIRE YOU ON THE STOP FOR INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT I hope to god your superiors never find out or he tells a therapist you have been sexually explicit with you... you can have your license revoked or sent to jail for molestation this is a serious matter stop galavanting around about your relationship with a suicidal victim that you were to HELP

    • She was at the mental hospital for suicide attempt, its the very first line

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    • @Psuedoscape I would just move on... because if your in a mental state your in do you think having someone in the same is going to be healthy for you?

    • Yeah holy shit, I have nothing to even do with this, I was just letting you know that you read it wrong.