So I like a girl who has never had a Boyfriend ! Help me?

so im in high school And im good looking guy And im not shy at All i feel so easy talking to girls And this kind things.. But here is some problem i have a crush on some girl in our school who has never had a Boyfriend or a guy Friend or anything close to guys her whole life she has only one good Friend And she is with her most of the time in school or she is alone sitting somewhere even girls who know her or have been in her old school says like she is so silent All the time And she dont talk a lot And like not many people know anything about her And she is so shy that she can't look in Any guy eyes i have talked to her in social media And she seem so nice And talk much too but not that much like she is sooo beginner in this things And like i know she need somebody to teach her so what u think i should guys? And girls have u ever been that girl or does this sound familiar for u? And sorry for the bad English !


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  • She needs somebody to help her come out of her shell.. Guaranteed the more you get to know her the more confident she will get - even around other people at school. Maybe try to arrange to hang out with her one on one and you will probably find that she is louder and less shy when it's just you two.


What Guys Said 1

  • Here is the deal bub. I did the same thing and we lasted for 3 years... you can go into it not thinking you will become attached but then, BAM! you are. Which will make it worse when you realize she won't come through for you the way you did for her.
    ANyways good luck.