How to stop talking to her when she puts you in friend zone without being awkward?

I was talking with a girl for about a month now, she used to call me late at night, we used to talk for hours, she sent me her pics on snapchat and we talked late at night in whatsapp chats, randomly complimenting me. We went out couple of times casually as friends. She also told me about how she had never been in a relationship and want to be in one so much. However, I didn't want to rush into things because of my past unsuccessful relationships. But as I got to know her, I started to like her very much. Finally I decided that I would ask her out on formal date next week, but before that one day when we were talking, she told me about a boy whom she likes and who confessed that likes her too. However, she added don't tell him that she told me about them and also told me that they aren't in a relationship because he has exams on December and she doesn't want to disturb him now, but once it gets over they might get into relationship. Now what should me my reaction. I know I waited to long before making a move which made her move on. But now should I confess my feelings to her? If no, How to stop talking to her and move on without letting her feel anything awkward.


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  • You need to just tell her the truth that you equally have feelings for her, would like to get to know her a bit more and is interested in going out at least on 1 date. 1 date shouldn't have to hurt. And if she believes that it won't go anywhere then she is at liberty to give the other guy a try. At least you tried once. Overall even if she rejects you, what matters is that you gave it a shot. You don't need to stop talking to her if you didn't do what I just said. When she says no, then that's when you just tell her that you can't continue being friends because of your reasons. Now if you can be friends with her without getting jealous or plot to break up her relationship with somebody else, then give it a go. But if you can't without leaving things platonic, just let her go and move on. Just no hard feelings on this, okay.

    • Would it be appropiate to ask her on a date suddenly just after she told me about that guy. This morning she called me as usual but I told her I am busy, she told me why am I acting differently after what she told me. How should I reply?

    • I think the best choice is just to say that you're very interested in wanting to get know her a lot better, but you dont know how she would feel about that. And you don't want to continue to feel like your getting your hopes up if she isn't interested in such a relationship.

      So yes, this is the time to tell her honestly that you want to go out with her. And you was really bummed out becausr she mentioned she had been interested in somebody else.

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  • I don't think confessing to her would change anything. Just tell her that you no longer want to talk to her that much.


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  • I don't know if telling her ur true feelings will change anything, but if u want to then tell her. Maybe they will change her mind about the other boy, maybe it won't. Maybe if u told her how u really feel it might ruin the friendship. there are many things at risk if u plan on telling her how u really feel. But if u don't, then u can just continue being her friend and just try to stop liking her so much. Try finding another girl. Either u can take the risk of telling her, or u can just back off and be her friend and find someone else. All depends on how U really feel about her.