Sent this girl what I felt was a legitimate message and never heard back?

I don't really know her that well , had meet her about a month or so ago during the summer at a bar near where I live , she was with a girlfriend and I talked to her one night and we seemed to have a bit of a connection. she told me a bit about herself such as name and hometown and I was rather easily able to find her online but didn't try and add her then.
then last weekend I ran into her and her girlfriend at another bar I sometimes go to in another city and she seemed ok when I came over and talked to her , but then things got a bit weirder after that but I still had a thing for her so I wasn't ready to give up yet.
anyways I decided to try and message her online and noticed on her twitter page you could send her a message although it was locked and I couldn't see her profile , so I sent her a short message just saying hi and trying to clear things up from night I saw her at bar , very short message but a legitimate attempt at communicating with her. I also sent her a request to add her on twitter.

anyways a couple days later and no reply and she hasn't accepted my request , it said she had 10,000 tweets so she must use it a lot and assume she has seen my message by now? should I just forget about her? I'm not going to try and message her again? if she isn't going to even reply


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  • From someone who's had similar occurrences happen, I'm sorry to tell you she either wasn't overly interested and/or she got "deer in the headlights" by your attention.

    • i also wonder if she was more private online than I realised , both her twitter and instagram were set to private so maybe she wasn't very open to adding new people or only ads people she knows well


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  • She is not interested. Forget about her.


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  • She considers you a stalker and does not want to talk to you.

    • I don't know why she'd think that as I've only run into her twice at the bars here and both those run in's were pretty random , I didn't like seek her out , its not that hard to find someone online these days I don't understand why she'd think I wouldn't or shouldn't of been able to find her