Why would a girl, who's dating a guy, stare at another girl?

There is this girl that I keep encountering... she give me death glares and stares at me for prolonged periods of time despite the fact that I've never talked to her before. She's dating a guy, currently, and they have a bit of a rocky past. He often cheats on her with other girls. I, at one point, had a thing with him but never had sex with him, due to finding out he was in a relationship. Why out of all the girls he's actually had sex with, she's angry with the person who never went anywhere with him?


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  • Hahaha typical death stare... she's telling you that's her man even though he may be a jerk. And prob. Knows you had some feelings or something for that guy at one point.

    • I can see that we haven't talked in almost 4 months? And he's definitely talked to other girls since.

    • Ya but that's his current girlfriend. She ain't buying that. 4 months to years later don't matter. That's just how some girls are.

  • Sounds like she thinks you're fucking him now.

    • But we haven't talked to each other in months... and when we do run into each other, we act as if the other is invisible.

    • Probably just way overpossessive then. He probably told her about the thing he had with you. And if she already knows him as a cheater then that also might be making her paranoid.

  • She probably thinks you did have sex with him and I doubt she would ask him if he did or didn't


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