My Mother has a boyfriend?

So my mum hasn't had a boyfriend since I was younger, and that was an experience I wasn't so open to it. Now i'm in my twenties happy for her, but I didn't find out from her, I found out from someone who is close to her. I don't know how to approach this, I told my aunt I told her not to tell anyone because I don't want my mum to feel as if I invaded her privacy. She hasn't told me, so maybe she feels it isn't serious enough, i'm new to this so I don't know how to approach this, I'm happy for her but I can't quite wrap my head around it. I can't picture my mum being romantic with anyone, I guess Im asking if I should mention it, or if I should wait for her to tell me.


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  • She wants to be certain of him and not introduce a dam playa to her daughter.

    Or, she's just fiddling around and knows it won't last.


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  • you should wait for her to tell you