What constitutes a healthy relationship?

I have ideas on what the aspects of a healthy relationship (dating-wise) are, however, I'd like to see if there are any parts I do not know of or that I can improve upon or change. I think some key things are: communication, Fairness, and open-mind.

To elaborate, I think communication is very important. I won't hesitate to voice concerns nor will I hesitate to give praise. I believe that nipping problems in the bud, before they grow big, is best. This also means I don't give hints (nor assume). I won't hint at being upset & hope or expect for you to notice. I'll clearly tell you. I'll also believe what you say, i. e. I won't ask how your feeling only for me to deny your answer & shove what i think you're feeling in your face.
For fairness, I run heavily on the old children's adage 'treat others how you want to be treated'. If some one does something kind, then I want to reciprocate. On dates I'm cool with going Dutch, or at least I'll pay the gas money if the other person pays for the food. Also, have patience when things aren't going so great. Put yourself in the other's shoes. No one wants to be angry, so at least, in this there is common ground for people to work off of & find compromise.
I think a healthy relationship really benefits from having an open mind, being accepting or at least nonjudgmental about new ideas and opinions. Its definitely okay to stick with our own ideas, but I think its nice & causes less sadness if someone is positive/open towards a new idea instead of bashing on it or not thinking it through at least. Hey dont knock it till you've tried it, right?

Personally, I believe in preferences not demands. I won't immediately shut down a relationship just because someone may not have a certain quality or because of their physical aspects. You miss out on a lot of great people that way. So, yeah, communication, fairness, an open-mind/heart, compassion, & acceptance. Oh yeah, and definitely lots of love hehe.

So should I change or add anything?


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  • Respect, conscious communication, openness, honesty, acceptance, love.


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  • if u listen more than u talk


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  • Sounds about right!

    Honesty is one I would personally add. Expressing yourself with genuine emotion.

    I find it hard to do this usually.