Have you ever had a crush on someone but couldn't figure out why?

I recently join a new martial arts gym and there's one woman I can't stop thinking about and I don't know why. There's not really anything about her that stands out, but yet at the same time she's the only one that stands out.

She's attractive, but there are plenty of other women there who are more attractive, more outgoing, have 6 pack abs, women that I would have thought that I would be attracted to, but for some reason I want to get to know her instead.

I guess in the end it doesn't really matter why. I just need to ask her out and then I'll know if I like her once I get to know her. I'm just curious though, has anyone else had this experience where you have a crush on someone but can't figure out what it is that makes you attracted to them?


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  • Yes, most of the time, for people I'm attracted to, I don't know the reason why.


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  • Yeah... love maybe?

    • We've partnered up for drills once or twice, I made a joke, we laughed, and she told me her name. I don't quite think we've fallen in love just yet.


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  • YES!

  • Yes. I can't even figure out why that person stood out in a full auditorium when I first met them.


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