Please help me, people don't usually answer.. :( I don't know if he likes me?

I'm in high school by the way. Anyhow, we went on one date, but we've been friends for years. He's sorta introverted and doesn't initiate texting with me. So I asked him to the movies and he said yeah, he went and paid for everything, even though I invited him. He even asked his mom for extra money to pay for me. Whenever I text him he's engaging and uses the laughing emoji almost every text. We talked for close to four hours the other night too. We were going to go on another "date" (it wasn't really specified) but he ended up not being able to go because of sport commitments. He said he wanted to do something another time, but he never suggested another time. His mom and my mom are also good friends so she told my mom that he was "upset" he didn't get to go, which surprised me considering another time was never set up.

I don't know if he just waits for me to initiate, doesn't like me, likes me as just a friend or maybe more... It's a fine line between girl friend and girlfriend. I don't know where I stand and thats uncomfortable. I can't flat out ask him either because I'm really shy too, so it just isn't an option yet. If he likes me wouldn't he have tried to set something up, I made it clear I wanted to see him again... What do you think? Does it sound like he likes me as more than just a friend?


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  • Lol I would not have answered normally cause I'm too sleepy to read these blocks xD but cause of "people usually don't answer" and you split the block in two parts, are the reasons why I replied

    Anyhow, I think that if you like him, you could initiate contact again and see if he says yes. Also the fact that he paid for the both of you, means he might have seen it as a date

    • lol thanks, I really appreciate you answering! No one usually does and your response helped, thanks:)

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    • But I didn't "one block" it. Plus the site doesn't let you indent, I just tried.

    • We really appreciate what you did here, just letting you know <3


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  • You better make it an option. If you have been friends for years it shouldn't take a lot to ask him. If you like him tell me.

  • People don't answer simply because your paragraphs are too long to read!

    Try to abuse new paragraphs a little more.

    • I thought my paragraphs were fine...

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    • It's okay... but I did add a new paragraph. Paragraphs are suppose to be 4-8 sentences in length. Mine are just fine. I get where you are coming from, but if you feel like criticizing me, pherhaps make sure there is something to criticize In the first place. Then maybe answer my question. :)

    • More than one point without paragraph is usually too much, no matter what your teachers at school do about it.

      Simply having text separated into different lines makes it easier for the eye, and easier to differentiate concepts.

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