Am in love? What should I do?

there's this guy that I've liked since April and we got to know eachother through the summer and now the school year has started like a month ago and i like him a lot , sometimes I think i love him (ive never dated a guy before) so maybe he might be my first love but the problem is im just so undecided like ever since i gave him my number he checks up on me like 4-5 times a week and me i never answer the phone. Anxiety makes everything worse like somedays i say im not love with him cz im only 15 somedays i think I've fallen in love with him and somedays i just want to go up to him and kiss him but i think sometimes he gets the idea i push him away like i dont know whats wrong with me , i can never make up my mind. i purposely ignore him everyday afterschool when i really want to talk to him but my anxiety just doesn't let me. He called me yesterday and i answered and we only stayed on the phone for 10 minutes which he mostly did the talking, eventually i just stopped talking in general which is why maybe he said he 'had to go' Am i in love with him? What should i tell him for he won't feel pushed away? I honestly don't know what to do in general 😪


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  • Tell him exactly that, you don't want to push him away but you get so anxious, and that you hope he understands you.

    Short and simple. Write it in a note if you have to, give it to him and run away lol

  • This just puppy love


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  • You think you are in love with him. I don't think so. You might be feeling only sexually attracted to him. When people are in love, they know it for sure. He might be manipulating you. That's why you're not sure. You feel something, but it just doesn't feel enough, and it doesn't feel right. It seems like he's more of an emotional burden to you. You won't find out for sure unless you put lots of physical distance between you and him for a long while. Again, most probably he's manipulating you, and you need someone to obsess about. It's natural of course. I don't blame you. But if you want some peace of mind, find someone you really love. It will feel a lot better. How much older than you is he by the way? Maybe get physical with him just once and see how it feels. Not sex, but just make out once.