My boyfriend didn't say goodbye to me before I left on vacation?

So today I'm going on vacation for 24 days to New York. My boyfriend was there to drop me off. So when they said that my flight was going to leave in 30 minutes I looked at my boyfriend and smiled at him and opened my arms a little but he didn't hug me or kiss me or said goodbye he just said "have a good trip" and he just left to go back to his car (he wasn't in a rush to go anywher) He just said "have a good trip" don't think this next part was dramatic and unecessary but I turned around but didn't move because I started crying. I moved but turned around to see if he would come back but I saw him drive away in his car, so I just cried all the way through going through security and getting on the plane. I'm now In New York getting ready for bed. I can't text or call him cause he lost his cell phone and he lives in a dorm in college (we both live in California he's 20 and I'm 19) but I can't get the image out of my head. I don't know what to do. I've been so sad. What do I do?


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  • yeah that was a little odd he didn't embrace you. How long y'all been together? have y'all had any recent fights?

    • We've been together for 5 months now. And we haven't had any recent fights.

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    • His friends didn't answer and I called the college and I said it was an emergency but they still didn't let me get to him because they said that calling the college is for stuff like applying to the college, not for getting to people and that if I wanted to talk to him I'd have to call the phone in his dorm room (which I don't even know). And it's not that he's not a hugger cause he is. He hugs me and gives me so many kisses and says "I love you" everyday. Like he did the night before I left and he was in a good mood this morning so I just don't get it.

    • Maybe he is going through something in his mind he won't tell you about. Eveerything is fine hun. Dont overthink


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  • can you not contact him via the internet like you are contacting us?

    • I did email him which is the only thing he has on the internet, but he doesn't check his emails (hasn't checked them in 3 years) I only emailed him wishing really hard that he will check it

  • Im sorry to hear that and I hope he tries to call you cause if he doesn't you might have to have a talk with him when you get home.

  • Aww, that's terrible! Honestly I'd probably end up leaving him.