Confused about this guy I really like?

I've been "talking" to this guy since June and it's almost October. We've always just texted though. He doesn't live near me. I've known him for year and I'm recently divorced. I know his family very well. We've been on 2 dates and one of the dates was a entire weekend getaway together. He would text me everyday good morning, good night, I miss you... etc. There were quite a few weeks and multiple days were we would go without texting. He moved off for a job and will be gone for a couple of months and we made 3 separate trips to see each other. So all of the sudden he posted that he was in a relationship in this new town he moved to for work. He's been there for 3 weeks and already has a gf? He denied it over and over when I ask him giving him a chance to be honest with me. I sent him a text telling him how much he hurt me. He apologized and still insisted that he is and was never in a relationship with anyone. Although when he did post it on facebook the girls mother said, "cant wait to meet you! congrants!". Since then every single thing has been erased and his status says single. I'm so confused. He also has never once reached out to me. :(


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  • it seems like he is hiding a girl from you. and its so easy to do that when y'all live far away. So clearly they are back and forth since he changed his status back to single to please you and then her mom saying that confirms they have been serious.

    Go with your intuition. It never lies. He doesn't seem too into you bc of just texting and not hearing from each other that long. Idc how busy he is. he could have reached out. he has his phone on him everyday. he needs to call and not just text. A man who is trully into you is gonna make the effort to call you more than just text bc he would want to hear your voice. He is seeing someone else or just broke up with them. Still, he has been leading you on

    • That really sucks I really had feelings for this guy so you would not reach out to him at all? You would tell me all the time how he wanted me to come visit now wanting to take my daughter to school entrance and then he missed me all the time. It's just really sad to see that line especially since I know this family very well

    • I apologize I'm trying to voice type and that did not make sense

    • So how did you know it was her mother who said that? No i wouldn't. He is looking suspsicious and stopped contacting so he should reach out first. Men should chase you. If you dont hear from him or you do and he comes in and out your life like this, Then he is not taking you serious at all and i think he is trying to have his cake and eat it too

  • Your gut instinct is usually correct, trust yourself. It sounds like he wants his cake and eat it too! Long distance is hard to do, why only text, that is too weird, a phone call sometimes is nice... I think he has probably moved on, don't chase him, if he wants you let him tell you, otherwise find someone who doesn't make you question...

  • Forget him. He's not worthy of your time and energy; I'm sure I'll be able to find someone who you can trust and won't play you like this arsehole did.