Simple question: how do you know if you like someone?

I've been in a couple relationships so this is nothing new but I just want to know what you are supposed to feel when you like someone cause I've been single for 2 years already and forgot what it is to like someone. my best friend and i talk every day and sometimes i think i like her cause i enjoy talking to her but i can't like her cause im living in a different city far from her for about 2 years then im coming back and I've been here for a month only.

So please help me out. It is a very simple question. How do you know if you like someone?


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  • When you want to talk to them or see them all the time, they are on your mind, you care for them and you want to make them happy 😊


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  • When you want to be intimate with them and thinking about it every day.


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  • Just go for it and find it out for youself. Problem solved

    • Problem is that i keep telling myself i dont when i probably do and im just in denial. Thats why im asking!