Can guys ever actually be "scared" of love or does it just mean they don't like you?

If they can be, what are reasons for it?



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  • Yeah guys can be scared and I am one such guy. I fell for a girl when i was 16 and when I became hurt by her selfish behavior it took me months to recover. Everyday was a struggle and I remember drinking so much alcohol on New Year's Eve that I was violently ill for three days afterwards. Ever since that incident 11 years ago I have always pushed women away bar the exception of one woman two years ago but she left me behind and at the moment I have no desire to pursue another woman. Getting hurt has instilled a fear in me.


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  • I say 9/10 times it means they don't like you.

  • Yes guys can be scared of love. It doesn't mean that they don't like you.
    Some guys are afraid of commitment. Some guys have been hurt so much
    that they are afraid to get in a relationship, Some think all girls will hurt them.

  • No I am not scared of love but truth is I won't love anyone ever until I am completely assured they do love me really. Fell in love with a classmate once proposed her she said she has a boyfriend. I became fkin depressed. It took time for me to recover. It was devastating when she refused my proposal. I can still wait for her my whole life.

  • i was heavily bullied by my parents about girls when i was young so being with a girl or even talking to them was something completely taboo for me. if my parents would hear from my friends that i was friendly with a girl, i would come home to "awww is she your girlfriend? aww you're so cute" and other such bullshit

    so i didn't speak to any girls for the first 20 years of my life


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