Change in attitude after confession?

Ever since I told my friend that I cared for her she has changed the way she acts around me. She answers with short text msgs but always answers me with lengthy answers and when I don't answer my phone she leaves long long voice mails but since I told her that I really cared for her things don't feel right? what does this mean she's not interested or maybe just give her time to think about it.


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  • Lay low. Don't initiate contact with her, and give her nothing but space. Always return her messages of course, but now that you've made your position known, let her do the pursuing, if any is to be done.

  • Give her time. She probably can't handle the shock of it right now, and she feels pressured. As a rule of thumb, it's much better to flirt physically/conversationally with girls than to tell her you're interested. Read this: link