How do I save myself from getting attached?

There's a guy I like but I'm pretty certain he only want's to be friends. I'm the type of person who is quick to get attached to someone and I've already gotten used to him, just not fully attached. Is there a way to keep me from getting attached now and for future references?


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  • "There's a guy I like but I'm pretty certain he only want's to be friends" woah woah woah, don't go shutting him down just yet. Has he asked you out, have you asked him out, have you given each other any signs. I mean sure, he might not want anything more, but its not definite. I have sometimes acted like more of a friend to a girl rather than a asking them about because I have been scared to what would happen if they didn't feel the same. I would subtly bring up the idea of you two dating, or ask him if you wanted to go do XXX together and see what he says. If nothing comes from it, and he doesn't want to do it again, or wants to go in a group, then just treat him as a friend nbd

  • Well the best way is to put him off completely if you know you'll always have some type of attraction towards him don't keep dude around it'll only mess you up emotionalyour and make you do weird things.


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