Why isn't he texting me?

So I'm "talking" to this guy and I know he likes me because he's told me multiple times. But the last time he texted me was 5 days ago, and the last time we texted was really sweet because he told me "I'm falling for you really hard". Also, we're going to homecoming together in the next 2 weeks. But why won't he text me? Is he waiting on me to text him first? I know he doesn't get home until super late because football and then he has homework. Should I start to be concerned? We hung out last weekend and we both had a lot of fun too so I'm not sure what's up. What should I do? Help me please!!


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  • doesn't hurt to send him a text as long as you don't go crazy with over texting. He might be scared that he is coming on too strong.

    I don't think there is anything to be worried about unless he's the type of person that bounces from girl to girl. If I tell a girl I'm falling for her then I am 100% falling for her and any day that I don't send her a text or talk to her I'm wishing she would send me a message so I can talk to her without appearing needy.


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