Guys if you really like/love a girl do you genuinely not notice her imperfections?

I'm asking because my boyfriend saw me naked for the first time last week and I expected some sort of bad reaction from him. I mean I know he adores me but I have a body full of stretch marks, discoloured skin, bumps in various places (didn't realise I had razor bumps the other day). I literally hate the back of me, it looks so ugly to me but he just stared at me like I'm most beautiful woman in the world. He didn't hesitate to touch my whole body and it got me thinking that he must be really into me.

Women especially are so bloody conscious and worry that a man won't see past their imperfections when it really isn't a big deal.

Anyone else?


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  • I'd just be happy to be there.

    I didn't notice anything wrong with the girl I have feelings for until she told me what she felt insecure about. Even when I noticed what she thought made her self conscious I realized I didn't care, I like her for her and that means everything about her.

    Him looking through things you view as imperfections shows that he is truly into you.

    • Aww that's so cute :)


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  • The more emotionally attached I am to someone, the more physically attractive they seem, even though their appearance hasn't improved.

  • I notice them and accept them

  • ur flaws wut make u u... we dont care how u look ur purrfect in our eyes


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