Am I a bad friend?

my childhood friend has a crush on me. I told him that I don't like him like that and also that I am not ready to date. (I had just got out of an abusive relationship.) well, I was dead set on not dating, until I met this man at my work. Then BAM love hit me like a Mac truck and I am smitten. I don't know how to tell my friend the news that I am interested in someone. I am scared that once he finds out he will be mad at me. I didn't expect to fall in love, but it happened and now I don't know what to do. Help!


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  • Well try talking to him again and telling him that you just don't see you two becoming a couple. You just don't see him that way. Tell him why you love him as a good freind.
    As for your love life well depending on how long you left the guy you should most likely wait a while first.
    I suggest talking to a shrink for therapy about your past relationship before you start another one even if you are smitten.


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  • Who says that you have to tell him? My friends don't tell me about their loves lives unless they want to, and I do the same with them. If he does find out, (nicely) be straight with him - you aren't interested in him and you don't want to date him. If he is mad and can't handle it, that's on him, not you.


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  • You don't have to tell him right away, but you already did tell him that you weren't interested in him in that way. If he gets hurt over it, that's on him... not you.


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  • You already said what you could to him. Its going to hurt but your going to have to make it clear that you like someone else.

  • No you are good friend