So a "friend" thinks I deserve to have bad karma for dating some jerks, do I?

First dude I dated for 8-9 months. He cheated on me at least 10x with his ex girlfriend according to her boyfriend at the time. I took him back 2x. He pressured me to do stuff with him when I was 15 and he threatened to beat up my dad and cursed out my mom Bc I broke up w him. He also violated a restraining order and spray painted my fence. He slapped me in the face Bc I didn't want to get high and he called me names like shit bird and went on to abuse other girls. The second one I dated when I was 19 for about 8 months. He admitted to making me jealous of his ex on purpose. He put time with his friends first and only made an attempt to spend quality time with me at 3-4 am on a Friday or Saturday night after he had gotten drunk and high and partied with his friends and then just wanted to fuck me. He got mad we couldn't fuck when I was sick with the flu, he lied to me about going to see his ex behind my back and he farted on me in front of his mom and expected me to pay for everything. Third boyfriend I dated for about 2 years. He slept in bed with his ex, said things like he was a sociopath and he emotionally, physically and sexually abused me, belittled and criticized me and slept in bed with my best friend and then told me how cute he thought she and some other girls were probably to get me jealous. He lied to me about going to see his ex and neither of the 3 took me out on a date or did any nice things you would expect a boyfriend to do. So this "friend" in question thinks I deserve to be treated like this because of what? I was the stupid one that stayed faithful and spent my money on these assholes and I never once cursed at them even tho they treated me bad or fucked around on them and I never criticized them even though they criticized me and called me names. I also didn't manipulate them for money and now that my 3rd ex wanted to hook me up with someone can you blame me for not wanting to be with anyone Bc I've been hurt time and time again?


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  • Wow. That's a streak of bad luck you've had. But to be honest, no, you don't deserve that. And no, I don't blame you at all for not wanting to be with anyone because I've lived that, too. You sound like a nice person who's just in the wrong place at the right time. I hope it gets better for you, though.

    • Me too. I hate it because people expect me to return to how I was before and I kinda don't want to date. My exes friends call me a big baby but that's Bc those chicks didn't put up with the shit I did; at least they got to go out on a date and flowers and shit. I got treated like crap, spent my money on them and was faithful to them and didn't get shit.

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  • your friend should be a little more comprehensive and try to help you instead of making you feel worse. you don't deserve any bad karma. Even more, karma will get those motherfuckers who treated you so badly. Karma isn't supposed to "attack" you if you didn't do anything wrong. however, I think you should be a little more confident and never let a guy disrespect you.
    It sucks to know all the bad thing you went through, but this guys acted like jerks with you only because you let them do so.
    good luck!

    • He acts like he's a friend but I know he's really not and it pisses me off because if it bugs him so much that I broke up with the first 2 and got upset the third one treated me the worst, then instead of getting upset at the fact that I'm a "big baby" for crying or whatever he should go date them and pay for their drugs and their food and let them use him for sex and treat him bad by verbally abusing him, sexually abusing him or physically abusing him. It's annoying Bc he believes in karma I don't, reason being nothing good ever happens to the idiot that chooses to work it out with a cheating lying boyfriend. Nothing bad happened to my exes the first one went on to treat other females like shit and unfortunately knocked up this one girl who probably regrets having that kid, the second one found someone else yet stalked me in November, I feel sorry for her because she's probably not from here and probably didn't hear from his exes how he cheated on the other chicks and made the girl

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    • I don't want to be his friend but he thinks he can label me as a friend when it suits him for whatever agenda he has.

    • And I don't know they think it works that way. Honestly I know other chicks that cheat and hit their boyfriends and use them for sex and money and they don't get treated as bad as I do. It's annoying Bc when my 3rd ex treated me bad him and his brother would say I was being paranoid so I said nothing but I didn't hack his shit or try to blackmail him or use him for sex, drugs and money. Yet I have to put up with this shit because their friend Angelo thinks so.


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  • How boringly typical.

    Yes. You deserve every bad thing that comes your way. You rewarded a scumbag with sex. What did you think, that you have a magical pussy that would make scumbags stop being scumbags?

    • He meant bad karma in terms of what I did to them without really knowing what I went through or living my life. I didn't cheat or use them for money (they didn't have any) and I think it's a little bit ridiculous for me to have even considered sticking around number 1 and 2 because they were disrespectful. When I dated number 3 I tried my best but he'd always fuck up and didn't care to do right by me. So I don't understand why I should have bad karma if I stuck it out and gave them a chance when the rest of the other girls wouldn't tolerate cheating or head games or abuse. I just don't get why I'm made out to be the bad guy if I was self sufficient, acknowledged the first time they made a mistake and forgave them and basically let them hurt me again and was too nice in past relationships.

  • It the Almighty that rewards, everything should be done out of love.

    • I didn't love my first 2 exes because early on they showed selfish behavior and I'd sit there and question why am I here if they don't care for me or appreciate the nice things I do? I'm more than a fucking sex slave. I loved the 3rd one but he didn't give a damn about anything and expected me to modify my behavior even when he did something wrong. I think I did the right thing by leaving the first 2 and not getting back with the 3rd wouldn't you agree?

  • nobody deserves that but you need to value yourself enough to demand that you be treated right.

    • I'm trying to but it's hard when the guys you knew to dump fucked you over like you knew they would and keep preventing you from having a good life.

    • Maybe change how you find guys because it doesn't seem like you finding any good ones.

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