We're friend's long distance recently, we like each other, he doesn't want a relationship. Move on?

He's expressed we're friends, he wants to sleep with me but... so involved in a conflict to get his kids back he isn't looking for a relationship. Should I continue our long distance flirty, friendship or move on? He's invited me to stay with him and his children (11 he visit weekly) to start my life over the opposite end of the country. Said as long as Im okay with no expectation of a relationship between us, I should come. I'm so attracted to his intelligence, his mind, his interests. He's super hot. I love his priorities are around getting his children full time. I fear I'm falling for him. Am I going to get hurt? Probably. I'm terrified. What's your thoughts?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Just go out and see him already ha-ha. If you both end up liking eachother in person then move out there and wait for him to be ready. If you really think this is the guy for you, put in the time he is asking for to get him. All he is saying is not now. He is also saying he likes you and is already investing his time and energy with you. Just see if it COULD happen by visiting him.

  • And if you buy that I'll throw the Goldengate in free.

    • Absolutely move on. The guy wants to use you to get what you should give to no man without a commitment.

What Girls Said 1

  • You should definitely move on if all you want is a relationship.