Why do my exes friends think I'm a big baby for getting upset him and his friends were shitty to me?

My ex boyfriend and I dated for 2 years he was verbally and physically abusive and went on to be sexually abusive to me. He called me a fucking bitch and allowed his ex girlfriend to call me horrible names even tho I avoided her and never cursed her out. He spent his money on her and used me for money. He hacked my computer and emails and stalked me at school and then he dumped me because he had someone else lined up. He then went back to my other ex and talked shit to him. I left that ex because he belittled me and criticized me too and used me for sex. The first ex had also admitted to making me jealous on purpose and both used me for money and made comments about how my family's rich even after I told them I wasn't and to leave me alone. It was annoying and now my 2nd exes friends think I deserve bad karma because I left the first one even tho he was not a catch. My 2nd exes friends expect me to go back to him but I kind of don't want to. What's the point of dating someone if they use you as their personal atm. And I'm done with being accused that I'm a narcissist or borderline when I'm not. I'm tired of being called a slut when at the end of this month I'll be one year celibate and I'm tired of my emails being hacked and harassed by my ex boyfriends stupid ass friends. They call me a Mexican and a witch, I am neither. And they seem to think I can lend them money when i can't even touch my investments myself. I gained weight on purpose because whenever I'm skinny I get targeted and hit on by the shittiest guys and if I reject them because they're sex friend assholes then I'm the bitch slut. I'm just sick and tired of all this crap. My ex boyfriends friends were awful. They'd post shit on Facebook saying I gave my other ex AIDS, saying my second ex was a closet goth fag, saying that I was an ugly fat muttly bitch when I was underweight and 90 lbs at five foot 5 and could fit into kids clothes,

my 2nd exes roommate threatened to beat him up and his ex girlfriend went to my other ex boyfriend to give him information about me and then my first ex was fb messaging my 2nd ex when we were dating talking shit over a year after we broke up. Like wtf? When I broke up with the first ex he told me to go fuck myself and take my 2nd exes dick when he lied to me belittled and criticized me. Like wtf? On top of that he's dating someone new and still likes to bother me?


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  • Easiest thing to do is remove yourself from any contact with them. Block them on Facebook or delete your account. Make sure they can't contact you. If they're doing really bad stuff in Facebook report them then block them, make sure you report them first. And then avoid them in person. Make sure there's no way you'll run into them. I understand what it's like to have that happen, my ex and her friends were the same. You just need to ignore them and get them out if your life.

    • There's a lot of bad people in the world, a lot more then there are good. Both guys and girls. I know from going through the same thing that it's best to get them out of your life and move on. And next time try to keep bad people out of your life

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  • Why do you care about your exes friends? They are his friends, of course they are going to support him and not you.