Guy got too touchy / groping on first date :( feel taking advantages of xxis this normal? What would u do?

So I have being talking to this guy for a few weeks now and he had always seemed so sweet on messages and Everything he a friend of a friend. And we went for a drive together tonight and he drives up to this dark quiet place on a hill overlooking the water and we sit and talk and make out which is fine but then he started to get really touchy pulling at my hair (sexually) grabbing my boobs and being really forcefully kissing me X I felt uncomfortable and he had his arm rest on my private area xx I felt scared and uncomfortable and couldn't tell him to stop cos I was too scared he would not like me xxxx I feel taking advantage of and dirty and taking back by his forceful behaviour xx am I overreacting or did he just want me for a booty call or is this normal? I feel sad and scared xxxxx should I see him again xxx I do still like him but feel put off


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  • If you dont let him know that you're not comfortable with him doing so then how would he know to stop?

    he's not really to blame here..

    • Wow bold move my friend. I admire the fact that you're willing to tell the truth.

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    • @Newaza why you so hung up on it?

    • Just asking, no need to be touchy. Either way I like most your work carry-on friend.

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  • DO NOT see him EVER again. He is a JERK. Do you want to get raped? STAY AWAY.

    • She didn't let him know to stop nor did she try to stop him...

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    • @iFarted that's true. In those scenarios I was talking about they did say stop. But you've got a valid point. She needs to tell him her boundaries.

    • She totally needs to set boundaries.


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  • Don't think you are overreacting. He sure was trying to get some... besides you need to put boundaries he should respect them and respect you otherwise he ain't worth it.

  • You let him do that and didn't tell him to stop because you wanted him to like you? Good God sweetheart you have some issues. I'm going to ask you legitimate question do you have a father in your life?


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