I am in love with my best friend and I think he has feelings too but I dont know how to bring it up?

My best friend and I are really close, I mean really close. Most people think we are in a relationship. We cuddle, flirt, have sex and tell each other everything. We will be on the phone all hours of the night, just to talk. We will talk on the phone for 3-5 hours at a time. He tells me regularly i am the only girl he ever wants to talk to. We tell each other we love each other but from me its more than friends. He tells me all the time how important I am to him and how he couldn't imagine not having me and how he wants a girl like me. We are basically in a relationship without the title. I just don't know if he wants to label it because we both have had some really awful experiences with relationships. I've been scared to bring it up because I don't wanna ruin our friendship. What do I do?


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  • How is what you describe not a relationship?

  • It won't be ruined but will be better.


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  • See this is why I don't like my boyfriend having girls as friends. You'll ruin your friendship either way especially if he doesn't feel the same way.