How to know if a cashier girl likes you?

there's this cute cashier. I broke the ice 1 week or 2 just by making a comment on how hot it was in the store. She laughed and said something else in almost a shy laugh/tone kind of way. Since, she always gives me a smile. Today there was no smile though. (I saw her look at me at the corner of my eye), then i turned and she looked at me although no smile this time. But I also had to return to the shop as i forgot a few things and joked to her "im back". She laughed and then there was an awkward exchange when I paid for my stuff not realizing I had the correct amount. I guess my question is, how can you tell? Is her shy laugh a clue?


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  • You cannot know unless you ask her out.


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  • Maybe she did if she was looking at you but the whole "I'm back" probably made things kinda awkward for you two.