Should I tell him I miss him? Or wait and see what happens?

I was dating a family friend for a month or two and it was going pretty well. He was kind of cautious and distant at times but I tried to roll with it. I know he had been hurt pretty bad when his ex dumped him and I'm not entirely sure he is over her. I tried to ask him how he felt about what was happening just to make sure he was on the same page. And he told me he couldn't commit to anything serious. So I told him that maybe we should just be friends because I didn't want to get hurt either. And I think now he thinks he screwed everything up because we don't text or talk that much anymore. And when I see him in person he seems a bit depressed about the situation but he still does things like grab my hand and squeeze it and flirt with me. Should I give it time? Should I tell him I miss him?


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  • I don't think you should waste your time with him. He already told you that he is unwilling to commit.

    • Danke. Good luck.


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  • You should wait to see what happens. Be as vague as possible because all men love that.

    • Please do not be sarcastic. So I should just wait it out even though he flirts with me?

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