Girls, How do I get out of the friend zone?

i've been really good friends with this girl for about a year, and i have gotten strong feelings for he. but I don't know if she feels the same way, she acts like she does but says otherwise. I just want to know if there is a way out.

if you wanna know more about the type of stuff she does just look at my other question.


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  • Based on your other question. It seems clear that she is not ready to start a relationship with you. If you want to get out of the friend zone, you have to first get deeper into the friend zone. Something is scaring her, from becoming more than friends with you at this point.

    Lighten things up again with her, by continuing to joke but don't bring up your feeling again with her. Find times when she is bothered and genuinely ask how she is doing and just listen. Don't touch her during these times unless she starts to cry, then just hug her as a friend. Once she realizes that she can come to you with deeper problems and you genuinely care without having alternative motive of getting with her, she might come around. Only then can you bring up your feelings again without losing your friendship.

    • is there even a shot? do u think she likes me based on her reaction towards me telling her how i feel?

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    • That means she is telling you she does not like you in the same way that you like her. She probably thought she had not made it clear.

    • ah okay. makes sense.


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  • The only way out is to tell her about your feelings and see her reaction. That's the only way you know what she really thinks and if she feels the same way. Just be honest. It may be a bit risky, because some people who don't feel the same way feel awkward and don't want to be friends anymore but it would not be better to pretend and hide feelings.

    • i did already, look at my other question it explains everything.

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    • she kind of avoided saying anything at all.

    • Ok. Well, it's hard when she didn't say anything. Maybe try to ask her again but some people are so "withdrawn" that they usually complicate everything. I mean I had a friend for a long time, I knew him 3 years. I always cared about him and he acted like he liked me and even asked my friends if I say something about him etc. We were best friends but I really felt something to him and I've decided to tell it and he didn't say anything concrete and nothing has change. I always had feelings for him and he liked me too. Suddenly after 3 years when I met a boy and started dating him, because I thought that my best friend won't change himself and his mind, he wrote me that he always liked me and he cares about me etc. maybe it's the same situation ;/