Did he lose interest that fast?

I had met this guy on a dating site beginning of this month. We hit it off and we exchanged messages on the site pretty frequently and we exchanged numbers and continued the frequent exchanges (he initiated majority of the convos) Funny thing is we know the same people but never crossed paths. He asked for my snapchat and instagram and would send me snaps everyday. Now, after about a week of talking he had asked me if he could take me out the following night for a date, I wanted to go out with him but I had plans already set for a friend’s blacherotte party and couldn’t go out with him and I mentioned that the following week I could go out with him and he said that we can figure something out. We continued talking on the regular until college started again and he said that this is his last year and it’s going to be his busiest and he also works full time so he was going to be super busy. Naturally we weren’t communicating as frequently and he would send me some random snaps of him in class. He had asked me out again but of course my weekend was booked as it was two friend’s birthday parties on both Friday and Saturday night. I suggested we hang out that Sunday but he had plans with family. So I had suggested that we hang out during the week but he stated that he can’t because of his schedule during the week with school and work makes it impossible. Last week he had messaged me in class and we talked briefly and that was it. Ever since then he hasn’t messaged me back. I messaged him a couple of days later and no response. I messaged him today no response. But he frequently views all of my snaps on snapchat. Did he seriously lose interest that quickly even though we never officially met in person yet? I really do want to go on a date with him and it was unfortunate the times he wanted to go out I had plans so I don’t know if he thought I wasn’t interested but I made it clear I do like him and I am interested in going on a date. What’s your opinion?


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  • That nigga tired of you putting him on the back burner. a man would at least like you to cancel your plans for him at least one time? Cause im sure he'll cancel his plans for you one time. Smh


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  • Yes, sometimes people lose interest quickly. It happens. He probably thought you didn't like him.