What does this mean?

So I unintentionally blew this guy off when he asked to see me. 2 weeks go by and I contact him asking if he wanted to hang out. He completely ignored me.

My friend said that I don't have a leg to stand on since I blew him off. What does she mean?


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  • If I like a girl i will ask her out once. If she says no without coming up with an alternative right away, I'm done. Me: "do you want to do something Friday night?" Her: "I can't Friday but I'm free Saturday." If I don't get that or a yes, I'm out.

    If I am completely crazy about someone, I might ask twice. Maybe.

    I don't pay games and I'm glad this guy respects himself enough to not play them either.


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  • She means it doesn't feel good to pursue a flake; he's moved on. He did what was healthy for him.


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  • Maybe he'll get back to you in 2 weeks.

  • How did you unintentionally do that?

    • I didn't know he was asking me out. I misread the text. I didn't realize it until about a week later when I told my friend what happened, showed her the text, and she pointed out to me that he was asking me out.

    • Ohhhh What did he say? You could tell him you misunderstood him at the time

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