Here's a question... MEN who are in the closet, who are on the down low have you ever thought of the pain you caused that girl or wife.. coming out?

Have you ever considered her pain.. never mind ur struggles.. have you once every considered her pain.. the fact she doesn't look at men or "men friends the same.. how many of u always wanted to know what cock taste like but kept it from ur significant other.. then resented her when she found out? MEN.. HAVE U ONCE THOUGHT OF THE DEVASTATING PAIN U CAUSED TRYING TO BE DISCREET ABOUT UR SEXUALITY?


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  • I'm not gay, but I imagine it's much harder to live as a closeted gay person, than to find out your SO is gay and to break up and move on. It's not like you are traumatized for life lol. Whereas being gay and dealing with social stigma and all the other crazy shit that comes with it is going to be 1000 times worse.

    • oh really.. but here's the thing you always new you liked men... right.. what about the women who's been lied to.. just break up huh it's that simple when in a long term relationship such as marriage engagement.. it's that simple to trust after that.. I don't think so

  • Of course they would have. It's not the coming out that's the issue, it's the hiding it in the first place.

    Though, from what I've heard, some just don't come to terms with it for a while.

    • yet they know what there desires are... how? how do u justify that? at the very least you knew exactly what you wanted

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    • Holy crap! So clever! Come up with that all your own? I bow to your overwhelming intelligence!

      Seriously child. Think about someone other than yourself. If you think the woman is getting the crap end of the deal there you're seriously fucked in the head.

    • I guess we can agree to disagree agree.. however I'm not convinced.. not at tell but thanks for ur in put.. ok?

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  • I'm sure they have, they're probably also in denial/closeted, don't want to dissapoint others and their family. Thought they were made out to be heterosexual, wanted to be so badly but they can't help the way they are naturally. I've heard horror stories on both ends, the partner who has the homosexual partner and the homosexual. You may not see the pain on their end, because all you're thinking about is on yours or whoever you're writing this out for, but its quite obvious that they never want to hurt anyone and all though the person who is their partner won't be able to look at men friends the same, you can't be bias and assume that all of them are gay.

    • We live in 2016 where in most countries being gay is not a crime and accepted, so I think if they were not in denial or scared they'd be living happily as a homosexual.

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    • Like I said I'm sure they consider all the factors. Like everything you heal with time, to say "never" is a reflection of her, she should gather the strength to know she deserves true and real love again.

    • never mind what she'll eventually will come to.. but the whole in the closet concept using some one as a decoy... have u ever considered her feelings it's seem like most bi men dont