I have issues with monogamy?

Basically I crave the rush that comes with liking a guy for the first time. I can't tell you how many guys I go through on a monthly basis (I never sleep with them or anything) because I get bored so fast.

When I was 18 I liked this guy for about 3 years like was madly in love with him but we never dated and it kinda turned into a weird situation because we only talked for about 2 months but I would see him in my classes at UNI all the time and I had a huge crush/ obsession? lol with him and it ended up badly because there was a lot of games involved and I never got closure.

Anyway since then it's like I can't like anyone.. I am 23 now and I think it's about time for me to find something real for once but yet I can't seem to get any feelings for guys and I haven't since I was 18... I'll just go through soooo many guys and get bored.

What is wrong with me?


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  • I think you haven't moved on completely there why you get bored easily with new guy cause your compare him with your ex... Which will eventually keep you single till you really move on

    • How long could it possibly take to get over someone though.. I almost feel like I'll never actually like a guy again

    • I don't know... You have to move on by yourself...

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  • You haven't found someone else you genuinely like.


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  • Truth. Stop playing games with the guys around you. You would like it if they did that to you. Don't get involved with anyone until you find someone you are not willing to lose

    • I don't purposefully play games with them I am genuinely interested with them at first and then when I get bored I dump them

    • I don't want to be mean or hurt your feeling, but whether you think you think/feel you are playing games or not you are. Its not your intentions, its the outcome.

  • Lmao you literally just stated your problem; you like the rush, not the person. I think you need to slow down and find SOMEONE not ANYONE.

    • That's the thing though it's not just anyone.. its decent attractive guys it's not like I say yes to every guy who approaches me.

      How else am I supposed to find someone?

  • You quite literally just stated your problem and the answer you seek is within what you just wrote.

    • That i like a rush?

    • How do I solve the problem though?

    • Mhmm

      Well not dumping someone your with for the next attractive guy you find would be a start.

  • A women who has a problem with monogamy that's rare


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