Why is he acting like this?

I told him I liked him and he didn't feel the same way. We had always been really flirty with each other so I thought we had a chance but he claimed that he thought I was just a really flirty person like him. He also claimed he wasn't emotionally ready to be with anyone because of some personal issues. Even better... we are coworkers. So I started acting professionally with him and not talking to him outside of work and no flirting. And for like a week we just kind of ignored each other. Now he is back to trying to flirt with me and work on projects with him and touch him etc. AND he has a girlfriend now apparently so he lied. I am so confused. If he has a girlfriend and he isn't interested why is he flirting and acting like he wants to be around me?


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  • I have a girlfriend and every time i talk to my friends (girls) i compliment and talk naturally which they can consider as flirting (things like "wow you're cute today" or "you really make this dress look good on you") which some of my friend (girl) respond back flirting too so it's kind of normal, but if he had a girlfriend before or a little after you and him being flirty then yeah he want you to be his side chick


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  • He wants fun on the side, ignore him


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