Why don't chubby girls like skinny guys?

I am a skinny guy and kinda shy so I don't approach girls if they don't show signs of attraction. Lots of fit and athletic girls stare at me but I have never seen a chubby girl do so, like I don't exist for them. why don't chubby girls like skinny guys? i find them really attractive because they have fat that I lack because of genetics. our male ancestors were skinny and athletic because they had to run and search for food they can't do that well with fat. while our female ancestors had some fat because they didn't have to run and were protected by males and thus they could store surpluses of food in them. what's wrong with that?


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  • Because they probably think that you won't like them because they are chubby. How are they to know your preference. More at guys your age group tend to prefer the skinny fit girls. They refer to us chubby women as fatties. Or maybe they aren't into skinny guys just like you say. They might think that if they are seen with a skinny guy, they'll get bad mouthed by other people because it doesn't look right to them. I'm attracted to skinny - to chubby guys, from my height 5ft3 to 6ft2.


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  • Because skinny guys make them feel fat and self conscious.


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  • That's not necessarily true. I personally love skinny guys and I'm grossed out by muscles. It's all about personal preference. Especially at your age a lot of girls who are overweight are very self conscious and won't approach a guy. Doesn't mean they're not attracted to you


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  • "fat that i lack because of genetics" lol. I stopped reading there

    • That is gross, dude. Why would you want to date a fat girl if you can get a skinny girl lol?

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    • You dont eat enough. Its not rocket science, if you eat more calories than you burn you get fat (and gain muscles if you train)

    • when i am hungry i eat something. i often feel very full.

  • That is gross, dude. Why would you want to date a fat girl if you can get a skinny girl lol?

    • i don't like fat girls i like chubby girls do you see not difference?

    • Nah, not many know the difference between fat and chubby.

  • I date only chubby girls because I can't get a fit girl. WTF's wrong with you?

    • Nothings wrong, its his preference. Love how you guys complain about being dissed for liking skinny fit chicks. But you insult this guy for liking chubby girls. That's just hypocritical.