Does where a guy lives matter, honestly, like living in the ghetto or in a tiny crummy apartment etc?

I'm just wondering and does living in a nicer area like a nice spacious condo or house in a desirable area really give guys some brownie points compared to the guy who lives in a maybe bad or dangerous area?

  • Yes it matters
  • Nope living in the hood or in a seedy apartment doesn't matter
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  • I don't care about things like that. As long he has ambition and treats me good, I couldn't care less. I come from a poor family and we don't live luxurious lives.

    • So if there were shootings and mugging a constantly outside in the area of the apartment and you had to drive and park your car there it would be all good right?

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    • I also don't have a car but if I did, I'd just pick the guy up and then we can go hang out at my place or somewhere else :)

    • Ok yea that sounds good too lol.


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  • yup it does.
    I would not want to go to an unsafe place

  • Yes. If we're going to hang out, I want to know that my car will be safe outside and that the chances of me being mugged or robbed on the way to his apartment or stumbling upon some crazy mess won't happen. I dated a guy who lived in a bad neighborhood and I will never do it again. People buying drugs were constantly coming in and out of the apartment complex. They'd leave the door open so any random person could come in and get their drugs which is dangerous for children. The cops found out and arrested the guy but still, that went on for like a whole year. Parking was a b*tch and I was constantly worried that my car, which I worked hard for, was going to get messed up or that someone would run into it. One time, I was waiting outside for him because he hadn't gotten back from the store yet. It was late at night and very dark. Some car sped, had to have been doing at least 55 mph right in front of me through a back alley way as if he/she had just been involved in some crazy sh*t that they wanted to get away from. Low income apartment complexes also often don't have the money to properly take care of certain things like he had a black mold issue in his shower and they just knocked out the ceiling and put some flimsy board of cardboard over it. They had a minor bug problem that kept coming back.

    Makes a gal feel more comfortable and safe dating a guy who lives in a safe area where the apartment complex can afford to take care of important necessities.


What Guys Said 3

  • Some may say it matters but it does. A girl is more likely to come over late night for a movie or a booty call in a since area instead of one with a high possibility or getting raped or mugged.

  • Of course! It's a matter of safety. I wouldn't even want my girlfriend to visit me if I lived in the ghetto or an unsafe neighborhood. I can risk myself, but I wouldn't want to risk the possibility of something happening to her during each visit.

  • Lol if course it does. Women want to be taken to the castle by their Prince. Not to the ghetto.